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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss The “‘90s Upload” Concert in Dubai

Time indeed flies really fast. You just landed in Dubai, armed with your hopes and dreams for yourself and for your family, and the next moment you realized that you've been an OFW for as long as you can remember. You miss the old days and you miss home, especially this December. Worry not. Because there is a treat that is offered only for you, one that will remind you of home as well as bring back the good vibes of what most people say is one of the most memorable decades of their lives -- the ‘90s, with its nostalgic music in particular.

Introducing the “’90s Upload" concert, a one-night-only eargasmic event that will serve as a reunion of the most popular ‘90s OPM bands' lead vocalists and their fans, as well as OPM enthusiasts, in the UAE. If that does not sound interesting enough, here are the other top five reasons why you should think otherwise.






You will feel young at heart

The music you'll hear at “‘90s Upload” will enable you to go back in time and reminisce your happy memories with your then-barkada. Remember how you enjoyed going to concerts with them or perhaps just hanging out in front of a sari-sari store with your guitar and song hits and singing your heart out, carefree and just living in the moment? You will definitely feel that simple joy again, now with your friends here in the UAE, if you're going to bring them along that is.

It will satisfy your curiosity

Ever wondered what happened to those local pop-rock bands of the ‘90s whose songs you used to sing along with and took pleasure in? “’90s Upload" will allow you to catch up on some of them and appreciate their craft once more. Who knows, you might be one of the lucky few who will have a chance to sing with them on stage. So better be prepared.

It will let you have fun with your fellow OPM lovers

What's the best way to experience something you enjoy? It's sharing the moment with people who enjoy it as much as you do. Meeting your kindred spirits at the concert would definitely make it worth your time and hard-earned money of course.

It will make you love your own

Because the “‘90s Upload” concert will bring together OPM artists and OPM lovers in one venue, it will serve as an opportunity that will encourage further appreciation of creative and original musical compositions from the Philippines, regardless of when they initially hit the airwaves. As a Filipino, the first to show support to Philippine music and Filipino talent must be you, wherever you may be.

Surprises, surprises, surprises

Lots of surprises are in store for “’90s Upload" concertgoers. You never know, you might luck into a wonderful surprise yourself.


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