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More than 150 million views and counting


MORISSETTE IS MADE, LIVE IN DUBAI! | Dubai World Trade Center, Zabeel Hall 2, August 17, 2018, 7PM | with special guest SAM CONCEPCION

One of the first song covers of Morissette published on Wish 1075 video channel is the powerful ballad, “Against All Odds” popularized by Phil Collins and revived by Mariah Carey. The Asia’s Phoenix’s phenomenal rendition of this song stunned reactors and blown their minds unexpectedly, and noticed that she sounds even better than any other versions. Morissette has played again a 15-second phrase that demonstrates what power lungs do, they do not choose when they need to breathe in but they do whenever they want to breathe in. Her remarkable vocal register transitions from low to higher then back to lower notes again and noting the breaths were clean and very crisp which have made reactors credit Wish 1075’s as well for having a cutting edge musical recording equipment that renders a high-definition acoustics inside the rolling bus. As of today, the YouTube video hits have reached up to 42M views and counting.

Moreover, this is one of the songs which helped Morissette to open-up a bit and explore as an artist herself when she was just studying this piece. She must admit that being a “kontesera” (a potential talent who always embarks to join a singing competition), usually starts by covering a song from one of her influencers, which is Mariah Carey. She also included this song in the repertoire of “Morissette Is Made”, the first solo concert happened successfully in Araneta Coliseum in February 2018. Morissette has also appraised her wonderful musicians, as this is not only her journey but also a perfect picture of teamwork and perseverance to get better every performance.